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Spray Cans are an exciting tool. You can never have too many colors. From the furious minute of shaking to the sound of the clunking marble, gently pushing the cap releasing the built up pressure inside through a tiny hole to produce a mist of color.


On the surface a simple object, beneath sophisticated engineering with a great contribution to history flaunting in legality and labeled with names like ‘Candy, UFO Green and Party Yellow’.


Artist ‘Campbell La Pun’s’ popular Spray Can series has been painted on various mediums including canvas, wood panel and the street and now digitally on the blockchain.


Originating from Melbourne, Tokyo based Campbell La Pun's paintings wallow in a mash of popular culture from iconic film characters to retro video games and Japanese anime cartoons to comic text, his pictures taking us on a dizzying trip through the aesthetics of urban stencil art and crazy world of Japanese Kawaii cuteness and Kimochi sensations.

Using everything from stencils to aerosol and acrylic paint on wood and canvas La Pun takes us careering through the modern world, his paintings reflecting the dizzying range of motifs, colours and forms that manifest themselves in the pop culture iconography and advertising images of the global marketplace. That attack our senses every moment of everyday. Each picture a juxtaposition of East and West, America and Japan. A neon world of candy coloured madness that perpetually blinks in the artificial brightness of Times Square in New York and the Shibuya district in Tokyo.

Spray Cans burst with a vibrant and creative energy. Fun, irresponsible and young. The perfect juxtaposition to luxury brands; bridging worlds of street art, fashion and high-end alcohol together.

A modern graffiti pop art collaboration. Campbell La Pun’s spray cans have been created as a colorful and sophisticated pop art series, a playful contrast to graffiti, vandalism and it’s illegal and gritty portrayal. 

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Campbell La Pun’s work has been exhibited widely through international solo exhibitions held in Paris, New York, Tokyo & Australia. An exclusive private event for Dom Perignon in Zurich, Switzerland and in numerous group exhibitions and Art Fairs globally. 

His work appeared in the E! cable reality television series ‘Life of Kylie’ starring Kylie Jenner and has been collected by private collectors worldwide including Mel B. (Spice Girls)


DTR Modern Galleries, Boston / Palm Beach / New York / Washington, USA Clarendon Fine Art, London, UK

And Collection, Tokyo, JPN

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2017 Stencil Art Prize Finalist / 2016 Stencil Art Prize Finalist / 
2015 Stencil Art Prize Finalist / 2014 Stencil Art Prize Finalist /
2013 Lethbridge Gallery 10000 Finalist


The 'Spray Can' Collection shows off the details found in Campbell's work. Framed in elegance, showing the textured surface of a true fine art piece. Each Spray Can is presented alongside its unique mint # and medium. Spray Cans ooze fine art collectables.


Spray Cans can be found hanging on 13 difference walls. 



1,111 unique Spray Cans

115+ Traits

Original Traits



The Drop

Minting will be random allocation

8 hrs after sale Spray Cans will be revealed

Limited supply of only 1,111 unique Spray Cans

10 Original hand signed prints from the artist Campbell La Pun will be assigned randomly to holders.

2 originals hand painted cans worth 6k USD each will be randomly awarded to holders. 


Voxel ready! The Spray Cans will be exhibted on rotation in the Museum Refined Voxel gallery. A permanent spot in the metaverse!

View the Voxel here.


Rarity Sniper listing is now live.

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The team behind this collection is of course led by the artist Campbell La Pun with the experience of NFT maxis from the Museum Refined team. A dream team made in heaven where quality is paramount, and longevity in the project is key. The Museum team brings the support, tech and communication to the. collection that will help propel this fine art collection along side of other successful IRL artist bridging over to the blockchain.